About the Village, Feliceto

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What is in the Village?

What is around the Village?

Feliceto is in itself a small town instead of a village. It offers many different services such as (The appartment is the i) :

  • l'Epicerie de Margot (Red Marker)
  • Pizzeria de Rigo (Left Soda & Sandwich Marker)
  • Bar de Rigo (Middle Soda & Sandwich Marker)
  • Restaurant de Claire a Lune (Right Soda & Sandwich Marker)
  • Cave a vin de Renucci (Purple Marker)
  • Boucherie de Nessa et Feliceto (Light Blue Marker)
  • La Verrerie (Green Marker)
  • L'Hotel Mare é Monti (Right Soda & Sandwich Marker)


Around the village there are many other things to do such as

(The appartment is the i):

  • Golf de Renucci (Green Marker)
  • E. Leclerc, Casino and Spar Supermarkets (Red Marker)
  • Rivers (Rain Cloud)
  • Bandits House (Warning Marker)
  • Swimming Pool at Avapessa (Blue Marker)
  • Citadel de Calvi (2 Mask Marker)

And many more.

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